A Crystal Creek home isn’t just bricks and mortar or wood and nails – it’s comfort, it’s style, it’s your vision translated into reality.

Crystal Creek Homes’ mission is to make the process of purchasing and building a home seamless and to provide the expert guidance and experience customers deserve from their builder. A Crystal Creek home isn’t just bricks and mortar or wood and nails – it’s comfort, it’s style, it’s making a house your home.

Successfully in business for over 12 years, Crystal Creek Homes had the opportunity in 2013 to return to the Edmonton market where our success and roots began. Within just one year of acquiring a recognized but failing home builder Greenboro Homes, Crystal Creek ensured that all adopted homeowners had their homes completed and all uncompensated trades had their work paid in full. Crystal Creek quickly established itself as a company that took care of its customers and trade partners, it was a true testament of our dedication to customer service, trade relations and the Edmonton community.

Crystal Creek Homes is not only committed to building beautiful homes, we are passionate about building strong communities. We work with Edmonton’s best developers and most skilled contractors ensuring we have the right product and community for our homeowners. As a full-spectrum company, we specialize in starter homes, duplexes, infills, multi-family townhomes, and more. We walk our customers through every step of the process, ensuring that it is straightforward, convenient and positive.

The commitment to provide exceptional experiences and outstanding results has only grown with the company. Today, award-winning Crystal Creek Homes employs over 50 dedicated staff and builds more than 150 homes per year.

Crystal Creek Homes is passionate about the homes we build, we are inspired by the customers who visualize them, and we are dedicated to the experienced team that creates them. These values have led to multiple awards from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) locally, provincially and nationally, as well as numerous customer service recognitions. They have also led us to become one of Alberta’s top growing companies and an employer of choice

Collectively, these many facets of our company reflect Crystal Creek’s dedication and commitment to building your dream home. More importantly, your dream home will be a reflection of you.

Crystal Creek Homes – a reflection of you.