Top Trends in Today’s Kitchens

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January 15, 2018

The kitchen is one of the most central spaces in the home. It can act as a cooking space, dining room, study, an area for entertaining, you name it! You want to ensure that your kitchen is a space that can keep up with the needs of your lifestyle. From functionality to colour combinations and cabinetry design, here are some of the most current trends to help you find what is right for your kitchen.

A Light Colour Balance

Over the last eight years, interior designers have noticed that homeowners increasingly prefer light and bright kitchens over the previously popular dark hardwoods and cabinetry (circa the mid-2000s). Lighter countertops, blonde and natural hardwoods can help to make the space aesthetically open. However, recent trends have seen the kitchen colour palette striking more of a balance between dark and light. Some homeowners will choose dark hardwoods and light cabinetry, or a light kitchen with darker, bolder accents. A very popular choice has been neutral grey cabinets, which achieve the lightness of a white kitchen but allow more movement for the dust and spills that come with busy family life.

Old Faithful: Marble Countertops

Marble countertops continue to be on trend, but homeowners tend to be more wary of the colour marble they choose, especially if they have young families. Ideally, we would all love to have the kitchen that looks like it came right out of a magazine, but we have to be realistic. Magazine homeowners likely don’t have little ones or pets running around making crumbs and marking up the cabinetry. Colours that allow for more movement can help disguise or minimize the scuffs that come with leading a hectic life, so in this case, white may not be the best option. You can still get that light kitchen look though, with a variety of other options. Consider a pale pink, taupe or mushroom colour which can brighten up the space but work more pragmatically with family life.

Creating a Transitional Space

As homeowners opt for more open concept houses, it is important to make the kitchen a transitional space, one that isn’t just for cooking or eating, but can be used in a variety of ways. Blurring the aesthetic lines between where the kitchen ends and the living room starts can help to maximize the flow of the open space. The accents in the kitchen might be chosen to complement those in the adjacent space, or the dinner table and chairs might have a look similar to the coffee table in the living room. It’s about creating continuity between the spaces in your home.

High Function = Happy

Many homeowners want their kitchens to be as functional as possible: it can be a high traffic area and so even the smallest pragmatic additions can make a huge difference. Hydraulic drawers, for example, have been very popular in the last few years[5]. Especially for young families, hydraulic drawers avoid the noise that comes with unintentionally slamming drawers shut (and minimize the impact on tiny fingers that might get caught in them—ouch!), decreasing the likelihood of accidentally waking any sleeping babies. Opting for big kitchen islands is another recent trend among homeowners who are looking for more space for cooking and meal preparation.

Maximize Storage, Minimize Stress

The kitchen tends to house all sorts of items that we often need close at hand: cups, plates, pots, pans, Tupperware…the sheer amount of stuff can be overwhelming. This is why homeowners have tended to include a lot of storage space when designing their kitchens. From pantries to deep set drawers, there are many options for optimizing the kitchen space to ensure that everything has a place. Really, who needs more chaos in their kitchen?

The Magical World of Technology

With our world becoming more and more centered on how we can use technology to improve our lives, many recent homeowners have decided to apply this principle to their houses. From automatic sinks and lighting systems, to thermostat regulators you can control from your smartphone, there are many ways you can make your kitchen as technologically savvy as you are.

While there are so many options available to help you customize your home to suit your lifestyle, it is important to remember not to get overwhelmed. Crystal Creek Homes has a team of professional interior designers who will answer any questions you might have about the numerous options available to you, and help you to select the right choices for you.