Wireless Switches

By Crystal Creek Homes Posted in Construction | Design |

July 18, 2019

Have you ever wished you could move or add a light switch in your house? It seems like no matter how carefully we think about and plan our houses, once we start living in them we find little tweaks we wish we could make.

In April of 2019, Crystal Creek began installing Levven wireless switches in all of our houses. Normally, upgrading to wireless switches is an expensive upgrade usually reserved for luxury homes, however Crystal Creek was able to work with Levven to provide this upgrade without increasing the prices on our houses.

Although these switches look like a typical Decora-style switch, there is no physical wire connecting the switches to the light fixtures. Instead, the switches work off a wireless signal similar to a garage door opener (not a WiFi network) which gives a secure connection specific to each house. This means the switches can be placed anywhere, not just where there is a convenient stud for an electrical box. It also means switches can be added or moved easily, with no electrical knowledge and only basic tools required!

By changing to these switches, Crystal Creek is able to reduce the environmental impact of our houses by saving approximately 300 feet of copper wire per house – this saves around 7 lbs of copper on every house, as well as creating less landfill waste. Since Levven is based in Edmonton and manufactures their products here, we are also able to shrink our environmental footprint by sourcing local products, and we’re helping to support a local company instead of a faceless multinational.

As well, with the addition of an internet gateway, our homeowners have the ability to remotely turn on and off lights anywhere in the house, from anywhere in the world. A convenient mobile app lets you see whether lights are on or off, turn them on or off, and even change which switch operates which light fixtures!

To find out more about how our wireless switches work, drop by a Crystal Creek showhome.